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Jumat, 08 Juni 2012

Reflections Education Day

 “.... melindungi segenap bangsa Indonesia dan seluruh tumpah darah Indonesia dan untuk memajukan kesejahteraan umum, mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa, dan ikut melaksanakan ketertiban dunia yang berdasarkan kemerdekaan....”

The quote is not foreign anymore our ears, especially since the opening of the Indonesian nation heard of the 1945 Constitution. The opening of the 1945 Constitution should not be changed at all, either plus or minus because one of the reasons that there are ideals - ideals such as the above-mentioned countries. Because it is the basic philosophy of the movement of the Indonesian constitution. Short description of the ideals inscribed in the constitution.
One of the ideals - ideals of Indonesia is the nation's intellectual life. Path to achieve this is by education. Education is a process to improve, repair, change the knowledge, skills, and attitudes as well as the code of conduct a person or group of people in the intellectual effort of human life through the guidance of teaching and training activities (Zainuddin, 2008: 1). With education, a person can change his fate, viewed, and change the status of social work. So can we identify that education is the key to changing the condition of the nation.Education is an absolute that must be obtained by all citizens. This is also strengthened by our constitution in Article 31 UUDNRI 1945. Government through the Ministry of Education and Culture in charge of providing educational services to all citizens of Indonesia. With a 20% budget allocation of the cost of educational services can be expected to produce the successor to the nation's most qualified and able to uplift this nation. But unfortunately, what is the goal - the goal is still not performing well. Facilities of school buildings, teachers and the cost is still the reason for inhibition of classical education in this country. Certainly in our minds the question "dikemanakan budget is 20% state budget". Some time ago we also saw on television there is an elementary school student who had to struggle to cross the river by the bridge collapse that left only a piece of wire.
Recent unrest arose among the people about the existence of the bill PT (Higher Education). This law indicates the commercialization of education, is implied in Article 64 of the Bill of PT, which reads "Universities have autonomy to manage their own agency as a central organizing Tridharma". Can be further elaborated that the PT is allowed to exploit the funds for its needs. It is possible there will be investment into the PT of the party which has its own interests, it is able to realize Capitalism in our education. In short PT can be traded as well as raise the price of tuition for students dengana reason needs PT.Is this a reflection of the Government of responsibility for the intelligence of the nation's releasing this? Is this form of discrimination against the education of our friends who are in the eastern area there? Has the government meet in protecting kewajibanya RIGHT NATION??
Let us compare with the building Banggar (agency budgets) House of Representatives that has cost 20 billion dollars for the renovation, while the unit price of each seat 10 million dollars were imported from Germany. it is not real?
Happy of National Education day

Message of Our Earth On Earth’s Day

Imagine not just 5 billion human beings as it is at this time, but 5 billion tigers inhabit the earth. There will be no place of a hundred meters far that you wont meet, see a tiger. Wouldn’t you become alarmed, stressed, frustrated, hunted, haunted by so many tigers?
Wild animals, creatures that are not tamed, domesticated, seeing man is almost like seeing a tiger, who’s more ferocious than real tigers are, for “man-tigers” aren’t content to eat, consume just meat for food, but also vegetables and fruits, and wood, and oil, and metal, and plastic, boulders, cement, concrete, …
Calculate how many millions of cows, sheep, chicken, tons of fish, corn, oil, wood, metal, … each year is needed to feed, provide for a 5 billion hungry world population and the mountains of waste it leaves that will pollute the streams, the air, the earth and cause the ozone-layer in the sky to deteriorate and the earth temperature to rise. Thus said The Earth.
According to prediction – then in 1990 when I wrote this -, in the year 2025 the world population would rise to 8,5 billion, an increase of about 3,5 billion within 35 years. Some one comments that the world population since the birth of man through – not just 35 years – but perhaps millions of years, only recently, just reached one billion. Wouldn’t it be disastrous for the earth including all its inhabitants with such a huge population?
On the contrary, suppose man could achieve a decrease of 3,5 billion instead, I, the Earth and all its citizens would rejoice.
That’s Earth’s message.
Conscious of the harm a world population that large would inflict, especially in the big and densely populated cities in Indonesia, a tight family program is campaigned aiming a decline in its population: a one-child family planning policy towards a better, happy world without pollution, traffic jams, unemployment, poverty, overcrowded slums, flats, without transmigration, without fear of conception, without abortion, …; for man, all Earth’s inhabitants and Nature alike.

Kartini's Day Reflection

MYTH Eve was created from Adam's rib prophet quite entrenched in society, causing the woman is seen as a complement of men. Superiority of men also become commonplace. But that was then! Now, along with the times, the notion of freedom began to undermine the myth. If the first lady just be regarded as 'waiter' by men, now they position themselves parallel to the men, they would no longer be 'under' the men.Today, almost no longer a gap between men and women. Jobs should be handled by men, now many are done by women. Of construction laborers, rickshaw drivers, boxers, football players, pilots, director of the company to the president, almost nothing is missed.Today we commemorate Kartini Day. If only Prince Maya (RA) Kartini still exist among us, maybe he'll smile with pride to see the development of women in the country. RA Kartini was a national figure who laid the foundation of gender equality or women's emancipation.Initially, Kartini saw driven by a concern for discrimination against women in obtaining an adequate education. Through his letters are routinely sent to his friends in Holland, he poured out his heart, about the concerns of women in this country, about his desire to advance his people, and realize the ideals of equality between women and men. By his friends in the Netherlands, the letters were collected and published into a book called Door Duisternis tot Licht (Light After Dark). This book is the foundation of 'construction' of gender equality in Indonesia.Women's emancipation movement in Indonesia, it has yielded many positive results. Characterized by the increasing number of women who come to the surface of the intellect. But it can not be denied, in her emancipation, women are often faced with problems as a reflection of cultural dilemma that often conflict with the household. This is the biggest challenge in her women's emancipation, which is running a dual role!dual-role-wanitaTanpa leave nature as human reproduction, women also have to 'fight' a human being productive. On the one hand, nature as a mother requires to care for and educate children, while on the other hand he is busy with his career. Career women have to prove himself as a productive human being, at the same time, they also recognize themselves have drawbacks due to physical conditions that often have a critical period (menstruation, pregnancy, etc.).Failure to execute multiple roles can lead to a depressive state. Anticipating this, some career women tend to 'run' and choose a single woman. This option was actually a problem, considering the woman had to let the 'biological clock' passed, which means deprifasi both in sexuality and in obtaining offspring. Not to mention the views of people who are always negative for single women as impressed as the woman who 'do not sell' or 'unattractive'.Career women who married in the end much to delegate his duties as a 'mother' in others. The problem is, can the love of a mother is given indirectly? Psychologically, this will cause a conflict between mother and child. This conflict has the potential to interfere with the development of the child in later life. Not infrequently, many children who have 'broken home', to 'protest' in a negative way.Along with the development of emancipation in the ground water quality classification based on the size of female beauty, fascination and religious devotion began to be abandoned. Now, she qualified to be highly educated and skilled in life. This fact led to the role of sexuality in a society experiencing a shift in values.Issues of sexuality began to be regarded as a form of expression of life. But along with that, other problems arise, given that male sexuality is an encouragement 'high importance'. It should be anticipated by a career woman in her emancipation. But limiting behavior, appearance, space outdoors and limit the time and place to hang out just to save themselves from the 'instinct hard' it is 'fetters' that hinder the career of a woman's career.Emancipation of women was not easy. The struggle of women in realizing emancipation or gender equality has always led to the dilemma which sometimes takes sacrifice. May the torch that has been dinyalahkan RA Kartini in the glowing heart so exhausted kaummnya darkest before the dawn, will never be dark again!
Raden Ajeng Kartini ...
You're a real woman
to advance the lofty expectations of your people
You fight your destiny undaunted
For the sake of the resurrection of your people

           Raden Ajeng Kartini ...
           You are an example to us
           You align us in the eyes of the world
           You are a reflection of ours

Raden Ajeng Kartini ...
Our world brighter because of you
Now they do not look down on us
Now we are proud as a woman
Because we are the country's honor

           Raden Ajeng Kartini ...
           We promise you
           To advance our country
           We want to fight the independence
           With our knowledge and compassion
           For the sake of the noble dream

Minggu, 01 April 2012

Konstelasi Bintang, What is it?

Lagi asyik baca novel edensor, ada sebuah kata yang membuatku penasaran, ingin tau lebih banyak,,, Kata-kata itu adalah konstelasi bintang,,, Apa itu?

Pernahkah anda menatap kepada bintang-bintang di langit dan memperhatikan bentuk susunannya? Ada yang berbentuk segi empat, ada yang menyerupai huruf-huruf, atau bentuk lukisan tertentu yang anda kenal, bukan? Hampir di setiap bagian dunia ini orang telah berabad-abad lamanya memperhatikan hal ini. Lalu mereka memberi nama kepada setiap gugusan bintang yang mereka saksikan itu. Gugusan bintang semacam itu disebut satu "konstelasi", yang berasal dari istilah bahasa Latin "Stella" yang artinya "bintang" dan "con" artinya "bersama".
     Nama-nama konstelasi yang kita gunakan sekarang ini kita warisi dari zaman abad kejayaan kerajaan Romawi, bahkan ada pula dari zaman Yunani kuno. Bangsa Yunani pun mengambil alih ilmu perbintangan itu sebagian besar dari bangsa Babilonia.
     Bangsa Babilonia memberi nama kepada susunan bintang-bintang yang berbentuk lukisan tertentu itu menurut nama hewan, nama raja atau ratu, serta nama pahlawan yang terdapat dalam mitos mereka. Kemudian bangsa Yunani ini banyak merobah nama-nama yang berbau Babilonia itu dengan nama-nama pahlawan bangsa mereka sendiri, seperti Herkules, Orion, Perseus. Selanjutnya bangsa Romawi melakukan perubahan lagi. Tetapi nama-nama kuno yang sama tetap mereka pertahankan. Cuma tidaklah selalu mudah bagi kita untuk mengenali bentuk susunan bintang-bintang itu di cakrawala sesuai dengan nama julukannya itu. Kita ambil misalnya Aquila, suatu konstelasi yang condong bentuknya pada lukisan burung garuda. Sedangkan, Cannis Besar dan Cannis Kecil adalah susunan bintang yang menyerupai bentuk anjing besar dan anjing kecil. Selain itu, Libra misalnya melambangkan bentuk timbangan. Namun konstelasi -  konstelasi ini nampaknya kurang begitu mirip dengan bentuk lukisan yang diwakili oleh namanya itu.
      Kira-kira pada tahun 150 Masehi ahli ilmu falak yang tersohor bernama Ptolomeus telah berhasil membuat satu daftar yang berisi 48 macam konstelasi yang pernah ia tanggapi. Tentu saja daftar ini belum lengkap, karena belum meliputi isi seluruh cakrawala alam semesta ini. Masih terdapat banyak kekosongan yang dilampauinya. Maka pada abad - abad belakangan ini, para ahli astronomi menarnbahkan sejumlah konstelasi lagi untuk melengkapi daftar yang dibuat Ptolemeus itu. Beberapa konstelasi yang mutahir telah diberi nama berdasarkan alat-alat ilmiah seperti Sekstan, Kompas, Mikroskop. Sekarang ini para ahli astronomi mengenal 88 buah konstelasi di ruang angkasa.
     Sebuah konstelasi pada hakekatnya adalah suatu wilayah di ruang angkasa. Ini berarti bahwa setiap bintang itu mesti terletak pada salah satu konstelasi, tak bedanya dengan sebuah kota di Amerika Serikat, yang tergabung dalam satu wilayah negara bagian tertentu. Batas antara satu konstelasi dengan konstelasi yang lainnya biasanya tidak tertentu bentuknya. Kebanyakan di antaranya berbentuk garis lengkung. Tetapi pada tahun 1928 para sarjana astronomi mengambil keputusan untuk meluruskan batas garis yang lengkung itu, sehingga lukisan yang diwakili oleh satu konstelasi itu hanyalah yang terdapat daiam lingkungan garis yang lurus itu.

Benarkah ada ANTIMATERI?

Mungkin anda pernah membaca novel berjudul Angel and Demon karya Dan Brown atau pernah menonton filmnya. Ceritanya mengenai Bom Antimatter yang dicuri CERN pusat penelitian di Eropa untuk mengancam Vatikan. Bom ini bernama Antimatter. Anda mungkin pernah mendengar mengenai benda ini, entah di mana, mungkin di kuliah fisika atau di sebuah tulisan ilmiah. Tapi apa itu Antimatter.
Kisah ini pertama kali dimulai pada tahun 1928, seorang fisikawan muda pernama Paul Dirac menciptakan persamaan yang aneh. Dalam persamaan itu Dirac memperdiksi keberadaan antiworld. Apa itu antiworld? Itu adalah dunia yang sepenuhnya dibuat dari Antimatter. Antimatter adalah kembaran dari materi.
Dengan kata lain, mirip bahkan bisa dibilang serupa dengan materi. Jika anda susah membayangkan mungkin anda bisa menyadari, komputer anda, dunia ini, jagad raya ini terbuat dari Materi. Coba bayangkan sesuatu yang serupa dengan materi tapi bermuatan terbalik. Akibat dari benda ini memiliki muatan terbalik denagn materi, maka dia jika ia bersatu dengan materi akan kembali menjadi energi.
Dalam percobaan ketika menciptakan materi selalu ada antimateri. Seperti sebuah kue dan cetakannya. Keduanya selalu tercipta bersamaan. Permasalahannya jika memang demikian ketika materi pertama tercipta pada masa terciptanya jagad raya ini, kemana Antimateri pergi. Disinilah pertanyaan bagi ilmu pengetahuan. Sekarang sedang diteliti di suatu lembaga penelitian di Eropa yang bernama Cern dengan menggunakan suatu alat yang sangat besar mereka menabrakkan partikel yang sudah dipercepat.
Dalam tabrakan yang menghasilkan kondisi ekstrim maka energi bisa menjadi materi. Disinilah mereka mencoba meneliti antimateri. Karena materi dan antimateri ketika bertemu akan menghasilkan energi yang besar maka sering diprediksi akan menjadi bom atau sumber energi alternatif. Sayangnya perlu membutuhkan jutaan tahun untuk mengumpulkan antimateri dalam jumlah yang cukup dan energi yang diperlukan untuk menciptakannya tidak sebanding. Jadi rasanya tidak akan ada bom Antimateri dalam waktu dekat ini.

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Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

Boiling Frog Phenomenon

The boiling frog story is a widespread anecdote describing a frog slowly being boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is placed in boiling water, it will jump out, but if it is placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability of people to react to significant changes that occur gradually.